UPMC to build second cancer center in Ireland

By Maria Castellucci  |  October 27, 2016

UPMC health system announced Thursday it has partnered with Ireland's largest private healthcare system to build a new cancer therapy center in Cork.

Blog: Cuban pharmaceutical imports to U.S. could lead to lower drug prices

By Adam Rubenfire  |  October 17, 2016

Industry experts say the Obama administration's decision to lift a ban on importing Cuban pharmaceuticals and collaborating with the nation's researchers could bring the nation's cheaper, reputable medicines to the U.S. The move could give American researchers the chance to study Cuba's care...

Cheers to a hangover-free morning

Cheers to a hangover-free morning

By Modern Healthcare  |  October 01, 2016

A professor at the Imperial College London has invented a nontoxic, synthetic alcohol that he hopes will eliminate hangovers by 2050, according to the Independent.

Doctors debate the source of van Gogh's malady

Doctors debate the source of van Gogh's malady

By Modern Healthcare  |  September 24, 2016

A year after cutting off his left ear, suffering subsequent breakdowns and spending time in an asylum, Vincent van Gogh died of a gunshot wound—an apparent suicide. The world has wondered ever since what ailed him. Recently, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam created a full exhibition and...

U.N. adopts declaration on anti-microbial resistance

By Associated Press  |  September 21, 2016

World leaders approved a wide-ranging declaration Wednesday aimed at addressing the rising number of drug-resistant infections — something the World Health Organization says has the potential to kill millions and undermine the global economy, likening it to "a slow-motion tsunami."

Bees bring sweet discovery at Welsh hospital

Bees bring sweet discovery at Welsh hospital

By Modern Healthcare  |  September 03, 2016

“When we arrived there were tarps up to catch the honey before it fell through onto the floor and towels to catch where it was running down the walls and pooling.” She said the hive had gone unnoticed for up to five years. It’s thought warm summer weather melted some of the wax,...


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