Dr. Gary Gottlieb named CEO of Partners in Health

Dr. Gary Gottlieb named CEO of Partners in Health

By Modern Healthcare  |  November 01, 2014

Dr. Gary Gottlieb, 59, will be CEO of Partners in Health, a not-for-profit that operates globally to address healthcare access where poverty is prevalent, including recent work in the West African nations fighting Ebola.

Experts sound alarm as diabetes fuels cases of TB

By Reuters  |  October 29, 2014

Cases of tuberculosis are set to accelerate worldwide unless action is taken to curb diabetes, a chronic condition that weakens the immune system and triples the risk a person will develop the lung disease, health experts warned on Wednesday.

Red Cross to use text messaging to take down Ebola

By NPR  |  October 27, 2014

In Sierra Leone, cellphone users are as likely to get a text about handwashing as about a social gathering. In an effort to contain Ebola, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has teamed up with local cellphone provider Airtel and the Sierra Leonean government to...

Ebola: N.Y. had jump-start, Dallas had to learn fast

By Associated Press  |  October 26, 2014

Talk about a tale of two cities: A Dallas hospital got a pop quiz in Ebola and made an early mistake. New York got a peek at the answer sheet and was better prepared at the start.

Woman quarantined in N.J. shows no signs of Ebola

By Associated Press  |  October 25, 2014

New Jersey health officials say a woman who arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport from West Africa has tested negative for Ebola in a preliminary evaluation.

Ebola-stricken doc described as driven do-gooder

By Associated Press  |  October 25, 2014

Dr. Craig Spencer, the physician now being treated for Ebola in New York City, is the kind of globe-trotting do-gooder who could walk into a small village in Africa and, even though he didn't know the language, win people over through hugs alone, according to people who worked with him.

Two people under observation for Ebola in Chicago

By John N. Frank  |  October 22, 2014

Two people who flew into Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Tuesday are being monitored for Ebola, according to information released by the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Ebola study projects spread of virus on overseas flights

By Wall Street Journal  |  October 21, 2014

Up to three Ebola-infected people could embark on overseas flights every month from the three most-affected African countries, according to a new study that projected travel patterns based on infection rates and recent flight schedules.

Nigeria is free of Ebola, health officials declare

By Steven Ross Johnson  |  October 20, 2014

Nigeria has been declared free of Ebola transmission, according to health officials, making it the second West African nation to have successfully contained the deadly virus, which has killed more than 4,500 and continues to spread elsewhere in the region.

More African nations curtail travel to Ebola-stricken countries

By Associated Press  |  October 18, 2014

The director of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan cancelled a scheduled press conference in Ghana Saturday. Chan and WHO have come under scrutiny following an internal document obtained by the Associated Press which said the health organization did not respond adequately to contain the...