Editorial: The unaffordable cost of M&A-driven drug prices

Editorial: The unaffordable cost of M&A-driven drug prices

By Merrill Goozner  |  August 27, 2016

There still is no connection between the price of new drugs and the cost of discovering and developing them, even though the pharmaceutical industry has argued for years that such a link was the primary justification for high prices.

FDA approves first pill to treat all forms of hepatitis C

By Associated Press  |  June 28, 2016

Federal health officials have approved the first pill to treat all major forms of hepatitis C, the latest in a series of drug approvals that have reshaped treatment of the liver-destroying virus.

When not-for-profit leaders serve on corporate boards

By Bob Herman  |  June 04, 2016

Corporate CEOs, attorneys, real estate moguls and other business leaders routinely serve on the boards of not-for-profit hospitals, systems and insurers. But some top executives at not-for-profit healthcare organizations also hold board seats at some of the largest publicly traded companies in the...

Gilead paying up to $1.2B for Nimbus unit, drug, technology

By Associated Press  |  April 04, 2016

Biologic drugmaker Gilead Sciences is buying a subsidiary of Nimbus Therapeutics and its experimental medicine for an increasingly prevalent metabolic disorder that causes dangerous fat buildup in the liver.

Senate panel votes to add Zika to controversial FDA review voucher program

By Steven Ross Johnson  |  March 09, 2016

Members of the Senate's health committee voted Wednesday in favor of a bill that would add Zika to the list of 21 neglected, rare tropical diseases eligible for a voucher to fast-track approval by the FDA. Critics of the program say the FDA needs to prevent it from being exploited by drugmakers.


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