Hospital sued after FCC tightens debt collection rules

By Beth Kutscher  |  January 30, 2016

The bar was raised for medical debt collectors last summer when the Federal Communications Commission issued a ruling that made it harder to dial patients on their cellphones without their express consent. Now a California-based hospital chain has become one of the first providers to be sued since...

Palmetto Health surplus booms

By Michael Sandler  |  January 29, 2016

Palmetto Health, a six-hospital system based in Columbia, S.C., reported an operating surplus in fiscal 2015, after experiencing operating losses the prior year.

Top-performing hospitals pay their CEOs better than peers

By Dave Barkholz  |  January 27, 2016

Not-for-profit hospitals that perform best on finances, patient quality and other objective performance measures tend to pay their CEOs more than their peers, according to a new study by Mercer and Truven Health Analytics.

Data Points for Jan. 18, 2016

Data Points for Jan. 18, 2016

By Modern Healthcare  |  January 16, 2016

Data Points for the week of Jan. 18, 2016 covered the following topics: The nursing profession, nurse-to-patient ratios, nursing schools, nurses wages.

CRNA profession at a crossroads

By Adam Rubenfire  |  January 16, 2016

A recent labor dispute involving certified registered nurse anesthetists in Michigan is putting a spotlight on the profession and its role in the industry.

Planned Parenthood sues anti-abortion group that released videos

By Shannon Muchmore  |  January 14, 2016

Planned Parenthood officials said the creators of the Center for Medical Progress' videos used fake identities and violated privacy and nondisclosure agreements while illegally taping people without their permission.

Herding hospital docs: Staffing firms buy MD groups

Herding hospital docs: Staffing firms buy MD groups

By Dave Barkholz  |  December 12, 2015

Physician groups are interested in selling to bigger organizations for a host of reasons, many of them related to the fast-changing business environment under new payment models and federal quality initiatives. And national staffing firms are vying to roll up hospital-based practices.

Data Points for Dec. 7, 2015

Data Points for Dec. 7, 2015

By Modern Healthcare  |  December 05, 2015

Data Points for the week of Dec. 7, 2015, covered the following topics: Healthcare costs, diabetes,, prescription pain killer addiction, Medicare spending and corporate board compensation

CMS' 'doc fix' may need some repairs itself

CMS' 'doc fix' may need some repairs itself

By Shannon Muchmore  |  November 21, 2015

Hospital and physician groups, facing a looming deadline on major changes to reimbursement, say the CMS needs better measures and reporting methods before it ties physician pay to quality and outcomes.

Editorial: Keep the Cadillac tax

Editorial: Keep the Cadillac tax

By Merrill Goozner  |  October 10, 2015

As the campaign season heats up, opposition to the so-called Cadillac tax on high-cost health insurance plans is growing. Congress should reject any attempt at outright repeal.

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