Prime challenges feds on whistle-blower lawsuit

Prime challenges feds on whistle-blower lawsuit

By Erica Teichert  |  September 10, 2016

The DOJ alleged in June that the Ontario, Calif.-based health system had a “culture” that pressures its physicians to admit Medicare beneficiaries to 14 of its hospitals for inpatient stays when they should be on shorter outpatient observation visits, and those billings are false...

CEO Power Panel: Are your physicians ready for reform?

CEO Power Panel: Are your physicians ready for reform?

By Elizabeth Whitman  |  September 03, 2016

Anxiety is rippling through the healthcare industry as the initial reporting period for Medicare's new payment system for physicians fast approaches. Modern Healthcare's latest CEO Power Panel survey reveals leaders are bracing for uncertainties and challenges generated by MACRA.

Hospitals have been preparing to comply with anti-discrimination rule

By Virgil Dickson  |  July 18, 2016

U.S. healthcare providers and insurers that accept federal funding are now required by an HHS rule to adhere to new protocols when dealing with transgender patients. Hospitals in Boston, New York and San Francisco say their local anti-discrimination laws have made it easy to follow the new rule.

Supreme Court term has mixed results for healthcare industry

Supreme Court term has mixed results for healthcare industry

By Lisa Schencker  |  July 09, 2016

The court's term that ended late last month wasn't nearly so straightforward for the industry. At least half a dozen notable cases left some people cheering and others wringing their hands. And the midterm death of Justice Antonin Scalia appears to have affected some of the outcomes.

Middle-aged whites account for one-third of U.S. suicides

By Modern Healthcare  |  April 23, 2016

Middle-aged white people now account for one-third of all suicides in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Suicide is the nation’s 10th leading cause of death, and the overall rate rose 24% in 15 years.

W.Va. hospitals agree to settle antitrust suit

By Lisa Schencker  |  April 16, 2016

St. Mary's Medical Center in Huntington, W.Va., and Charleston (W.Va.) Area Medical Center have agreed to settle an antitrust lawsuit accusing them of illegally coordinating marketing campaigns for various services in the areas where they compete.


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