Who should lead care team? Not necessarily a doctor, and other letters

By Modern Healthcare  |  July 26, 2014

Regarding the Q&A with Dr. Robert Wah, the new American Medical Association president, “Doctors should be captain of the ship,” I wish to offer a more contemporary view that patients and families want the provider who is best prepared to meet their needs and preferences to lead the...

Better regulation needed for data analytics, and more letters

By Modern Healthcare  |  July 19, 2014

Regarding the article “Data collection could stump next wave of predictive analytics," it's a very good article, capturing many instances of data analytics that illustrate the benefits and the challenges in this...

Clarifying some issues over commercial support for CME

By Modern Healthcare  |  July 12, 2014

Reporter Jaimy Lee wrote a very balanced article in the June 30 issue “CME Shelter,” in which she accurately laid out some of the battle lines surrounding the merits of commercial support for accredited continuing medical education.

Fee-for-service isn't to blame for healthcare's ills, and other letters

By Modern Healthcare  |  July 05, 2014

Regarding the June 30 editorial “Insuring against the future,” this article is another attempt to sell Americans on the notion that fee-for-service is the cause of our healthcare spending woes and must be abolished if we hope to get spending under control.

Team-based care needs physician leaders, not nurses, and other letters

By Modern Healthcare  |  June 21, 2014

While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has changed much of how we deliver healthcare, our challenge still remains to provide more, while maintaining the high standards the medical profession demands and our patients expect and deserve.

Need to be alert to 'dark side' of Affordable Care Act

By Modern Healthcare  |  May 17, 2014

I've only been a doctor for 45 years, so maybe I've slept through something, but it sure looks to me like there's been wholesale rationing for years—only it's been hidden or accepted as “the way things are.”