Letters: Overhaul needed for supply chain practices in healthcare

By Modern Healthcare  |  February 18, 2017

Regarding the Feb. 13 feature story “No experience necessary”: This is about one of the classic middle-market monopolies. Group purchasing organizations' clandestine practices are not suited for modern day logistics.

Letters: Address rising Medicaid costs by tackling the underlying problems

By Modern Healthcare  |  January 21, 2017

Regarding the article “GOP lawmakers eye cuts in 'optional' Medicaid benefits” (, Jan. 13), the trouble with block grants, reducing benefits or eligibility, or even reducing prescription drug prices is that they do nothing to solve the underlying problems.

Letters: Medical device tax deserves a permanent suspension

By Modern Healthcare  |  January 07, 2017

The medical technology industry always recognized that the ACA's medical device tax was an ill-conceived policy that would lead to negative impacts on jobs, patient care and innovation, says Scott Whitaker, President and CEO of Advanced Medical Technology Association.

Letters: Treat doctors like valued pros, or burnout will be rampant

By Modern Healthcare  |  November 05, 2016

Regarding the article “When physicians burn out, solutions are elusive,” as long as physicians are seen purely as the economic engines of healthcare, as “producers,” where value and worth is equated purely to production and productivity, burnout will be rampant.