² Awards

Gold, Silver and Bronze Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards will be given within each of the 3 healthcare industry categories (see Categories tab) for the followings campaigns:

  • • PRINT – Campaign of the Year
  • • DIGITAL – Campaign of the Year
  • • VIDEO – Campaign of the Year
  • • AUDIO – Campaign of the Year
  • • SOCIAL MEDIA – Campaign of the Year
  • • WEBSITE – Campaign of the Year
  • • DIRECT MAIL – Campaign of the Year
  • • INTEGRATED – Campaign of the Year

Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Publishers' Awards will be given to single campaigns, agencies and/or individuals regardless of category:

  • • Best in Show Award
  • • Healthcare Marketing Agency of the Year

Meet the 2017 IMPACT Award Winners.

Best in Show Award

Best in Show Award will be chosen from the top award winners for the entry that best demonstrates how impact and results can be obtained without sacrificing integrity in messaging. This is a Publisher Award and cannot be applied for.

Healthcare Marketing Agency of the Year

The Healthcare Marketing Agency of the Year Award will be given to one (1) agency which has consistently demonstrated an ability to understand the complex issues related to our healthcare delivery system, distill critical communication points and translate those into marketing campaigns that engage their target audience and positively impact the goals of their clients. Our agency of the year will also demonstrate a culture and commitment to supporting healthcare causes within their community. This is a Publisher Award and different from previous years, this award cannot be applied for.

Print: Campaign of the Year

Print campaigns can include newspaper, magazine, brochure and billboard advertising that are related executions of a single campaign from a single client.

Digital: Campaign of the Year

The rapidly changing digital landscape has presented a great opportunity for marketers to come up with innovative messaging ideas that can live in the places where clients’ target demo resides – whether on their phones, laptops or elsewhere in the digital realm. Digital campaigns can include app, SEO, e-mail and online advertising. Digital campaigns should include ad units created for the digital space with adaptations across all platforms and sizes that are related executions of a single campaign from a single client.

Video: Campaign of the Year

Video campaigns can include television commercials, educational videos, videos produced for social media or other distribution channels that are related executions of a single campaign from a single client.

Audio: Campaign of the Year

Audio campaigns can include radio commercials, podcasts, educational tools, online interactive “conversations” r audio produced for other distribution channels that are related executions of a single campaign from a single client.

Social Media: Campaign of the Year

As Social Media channels grow and their role in disseminating information evolves, it presents both great opportunities and challenges for the healthcare industry. This award is given to highlight excellence in harnessing this force in achieving communication and business objectives in an ethical manner.

Website: Campaign of the Year

The Internet is a giant blank marketing canvas for brands savvy enough to cut through the noise and find new ways to get consumers and clients to listen up. A website campaign will include the live URL as well as other screen shot captures to demonstrate the objective and impact of the website overall.

Direct Mail: Campaign of the Year

The delivery of advertising material to recipients by USPS postal mail forms a large and growing service for many postal services, and direct-mail marketing forms a significant portion of the direct marketing industry. Advertising mail includes advertising circulars, coupon envelopes, catalogs, CDs, and commercial merchandising materials delivered to homes and businesses.

Integrated: Campaign of the Year

Integrated campaigns must include a minimum of three media channels described above of a single campaign from a single client. The results are key in this category. We want to ensure your campaign resonated with the target market.

Required Information and Materials:
A username and password must be created to begin the submission process. You will be able to Save Drafts and come back to complete the entry as time allows. Once a submission is submitted, you will not be able to make edits.

Each campaign will need address the following:

  • • Background information on the client/healthcare organization being represented in the campaign. (250-word max.)
  • • A description of the business challenge or problem addressed by the campaign. (250-word max.)
  • • A summary of the media or communications plan and description of the creative executions. (250-word max.)
  • • A summary of the campaign’s results (250-word max.)

Each entry requires samples of the specific campaign to be provided/uploaded. (Max. 100 MB/sample)

  • • Print: up to 5 samples
  • • Digital: up to 5 samples
  • • Video: up to 5 samples
  • • Audio: up to 5 samples
  • • Social Media: up to 5 samples
  • • Website: Live URL and up to 3 samples
  • • Direct Mail: up to 5 samples
  • • Integrated: up to 10 samples total that represent each media platform within the campaign

Note: By submitting your campaign entries, you authorize Modern Healthcare to use samples of your creative in promotional materials to help promote the Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards. If a sample of your work is used, appropriate credit will be given to your company/organization.

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