Healthcare Transformation Summit Agenda

April 12, 2017

5:45 - 6:45 PM

Networking Reception

April 13, 2017

7:30 – 8:30 AM

Networking Breakfast

8:30 - 9:30 AM

Opening Keynote

Value Based Care – Changing Business Models for Healthcare Solutions Companies and Suppliers

Hospitals, health systems and IDNs are eager to prepare for new and emerging care delivery models. They seek guidance, analytics and support to zero in on opportunities and gaps and align and integrate clinicians. C-Suite executives look for suppliers with clinical, financial, operational and strategic expertise and experience. Learn how C-Suite executives' perceive value -based care services and the secrets behind shared savings and quality gains. Among the topics to be discussed:

  • • How can suppliers support C-Suite executives with value-based care and population health management?
  • • Where are the real opportunities for population health, data analytics, benchmarking and performance improvement?
  • • What do healthcare executives want from value-based care suppliers and consultants?
  • • What value-based care changes can suppliers and consultants expect in 2017?

Dr. David T. Feinberg, President & CEO, Geisinger Health System

9:40 - 10:45 AM

Inside the Healthcare C-Suite: What Senior Executives Seek in Their Pursuit of Value-Based Care

Through a combination of new reimbursement models, disruptive technology, and data driven insights, the healthcare industry is restructuring for value-based care. Traditional healthcare product and service offerings are not sufficient for this new emerging marketplace. Successful organizations will be armed with deep market knowledge and a differentiating solution to help reengineer clinical care, manage risk based contracts and payment programs and generate measureable results. In this session, senior healthcare executives describe what’s needed to improve population health and reduce costs in a value-based world. Among the issues we’ll address:

  • • By what criteria do senior executives select partners? How has value based care changed the criteria?
  • • What are the deal benders and breakers?
  • • What distinguishes an OK supplier from a superstar?
  • • What happens after the initial deal is done? Where do suppliers go wrong?

Scott Caldwell, President and CEO, The Resource Group

Dr. Robert Nesse, Senior Medical Adviser for Payment Reform to the Mayo Clinic Board of Governors, Mayo Clinic

Dr. Joanne Conroy, CEO, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Moderator: Pam Arlotto, CEO, Maestro Strategies, LLC

11:00 - 12:00 PM

Population Health: Lynchpin of Value-Based Care Delivery

Health systems are analyzing and aggregating claims and clinical data, and mobilizing to improve clinical and business outcomes and reduce costs. Others are partnering to build an information enabled ecosystem or care management platform. Additionally, other healthcare organizations are reaching out to patients and consumers to prevent and manage chronic disease. Learn how top-tier C-Suite executives have taken on the national quest to improve the health of populations, and the role of their strategic analytics and technology partners. Among the issues covered by our provider panel:

  • • Where have PHM products and services missed the mark?
  • • What roles do business intelligence and care management play in PHM?
  • • What matters most to C-Suite execs in search of PHM products and services?
  • • What’s on the agenda of chief population health officers and other C-Suite decision makers?

Gayle Capozzalo, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, YaleNewHavenHealth

Leah Binder, CEO, The LeapFrog Group

Patrick Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Emory Healthcare Network

Moderator: Merrill Goozner, Modern Healthcare

12:15 - 1:00 PM


1:00 - 1:55 PM

Flash Talks: Healthcare Transformation via Value-Based Care Delivery

C-Suite executives are committed to the delivery of effective, appropriate care with enduring results. The key: Use evidence-based practices that take into account the desires and preferences of patients and families. Then track value measures like complications, HAIs and readmissions.

C-Suite executives have emerged as authentic agents of change and transformation in easing the transition from volume to value. Discover how an all-star line-up of providers innovate via value-based care delivery. Among the issues we’ll explore:

  • • What do C-Suite executives need and prefer in their journey toward value based care?
  • • How do providers initiate and implement value-based care delivery? Where are the pitfalls?
  • • How can value-based care emerge as a bridge to enterprise-wide innovation?
  • • What do executives see as the most significant results of value-based care?
  • • Where are the clinical and business lessons learned?

Steven Bergstrom, Director, Office of Sustainability, Intermountain Healthcare | Supply Chain Center

Dr. Steven Strongwater, President and CEO, Atrius Health

Kevin Lane, CIO, Silver Cross Hospital

Moderator: Stephanie S. McCutcheon, Chief Executive Officer, Health Employer Exchange

2:00 - 3:00 PM

Pitching the Healthcare C-Suite: Top To-Do’s and Don’ts

Senior healthcare executives are under the gun. They have no patience for suppliers who sap/drain their time, energy and resources. Suppliers and consultants need fresh approaches to engage, pitch and negotiate with C-Suite decision makers. Discover how you can make inroads as panelists address these issues:

  • • Which C-Suite executives influence value-based care decision making?
  • • How can suppliers improve their pre-pitch homework?
  • • Why is “get to the point” the new C-Suite mantra?
  • • How can sales and marketing language turn lethal?
  • • How do you move from customer attention to customer respect?
  • • Which results matter most—from numbers to name dropping?

Joe Colonna, Vice President of Supply Chain, Piedmont Healthcare

Grant Wicklund, President & CEO, Exempla Lutheran Medical Center

Lili Brillstein, Director, Episodes of Care, Horizon Health (BCBS in New Jersey)

Moderator: Adam Rubenfire, Reporter, Modern Healthcare

3:05 - 4:15 PM

Foot in the Door: Anatomy of a First Sale

Value-based care suppliers know what it takes to transform a lead or intro into a first meeting and formal presentation. Listen as suppliers and consultants describe how persistence, passion and professionalism paid off—both in first sales and long-term partnerships. Among the issues we’ll cover in this supplier panel:

  • • What’s the best strategy for connecting with the growing list of C-Suite influencers and decision makers?
  • • Does high-octane schmoozing usually mean losing?
  • • How do you block and tackle interference and delays?
  • • Which value propositions win the most kudos? Which ones fall flat?
  • • How do suppliers stay agile and flexible during the sales process?
  • • What can you learn from the sale that got away?

Stephen Messinger, President, ECG Management Consultants

Joshua Titus, CEO, Gozio Health

Todd Johnson, CEO, HealthLoop

Moderator: Glenn E. Pearson, FACHE, Principal, Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC

4:20 - 5:30 PM

Closing Keynote

The Changing Landscape of Value –Based Care: Trends, Implications and Strategies for Suppliers and Consultants

Value-based care is bound to evolve as the industry edges toward 2020 and beyond. Both providers and suppliers must prepare for dramatic shifts in policy, payment, technology and care delivery. Discover how you can get ready—both now and in the years ahead—for a value-based healthcare future. Among the issues:

  • • What will value-based care look like in 2022?
  • • Will healthcare realize the promise of value-based care?
  • • Will population health management really create healthier populations?
  • • How will shifts among consumers, patients, providers, and government agencies change the value-based care market and landscape?
  • • What can suppliers and consultants do to prepare for a future dominated by/structured around value- based care and population health.

Glen Tullman, Chairman and CEO, Livongo Health

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