100 Top Hospitals 2018, performance comparisons

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A Special Feature comparing performance between categories among the IBM Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals, 2018. Hospital performance benchmarks are aggregated in six categories: National performance comparisons (all classes), two groups of teaching hospitals and three groups of community hospitals based on bed count.
This six-page, web-exclusive chart set compares aggregate performance benchmarks of the 100 top hospitals in the following categories:

  • All hospitals
  • Major teaching hospitals
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Large community hospitals
  • Medium community hospitals
  • Small community hospitals
There are 11 performance measures listed in each chart, including: mortality, complications, readmissions, ED minutes, operating profit margins and more.

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100 Top Hospitals Performance Insights

For 24 years, the Watson Health™ 100 Top Hospitals® program has collaborated with top academics to uncover the impact organizational leadership has on the performance and best practices within the nation's top healthcare organizations. The quantitative study is the only of its kind that uses a national balanced scorecard and incorporates independent public data, proprietary, risk-adjusted and peer-reviewed methodology, and key performance metrics to arrive at an objective, independent analysis of a hospitals performance. The methodology creates an integrated program that identifies long-term rates of improvement in combination with existing achievements. The rate of improvement metrics provides guidance as to how leadership can transform organizational performance over time. This standardized approach, coupled with objective insights into the effectiveness of hospital leadership, helps the 100 Top Hospitals program provide unique value as a standard for measuring quality of care in the United States.

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