Management consultants, 2016 (Full Excel spreadsheet)

Not just a list of the nation's 44 largest healthcare management consulting firms, this data includes the full details from every question on Modern Healthcare's 11th annual Management Consultant Firms Survey. Some of the sharpest minds in healthcare share their wisdom on the best approaches to take on the challenges facing providers today. Firms are ranked by 2015 revenue from total healthcare consulting fees. Published Aug. 22, 2016, p. 42.

This list includes firm rank, name, headquarters city and address as well as these details from survey answers:

  • Executive in charge of practice (Name, Title)
  • Total provider contracts 2015
  • Total healthcare contracts 2015
  • Total provider revenue 2015 (millions)
  • Total healthcare revenue 2015 (millions)
  • Year founded
  • No. consultants - providers
  • No. consultants other healthcare sectors
  • Total healthcare consultants
  • Description of primary provider practice
  • Description of primary practice other healthcare sectors
  • How is healthcare consulting different now than it was 3 to 5 years ago?
  • Moving forward, what will healthcare companies (including providers, payers, pharma and health IT) need to do to achieve growth?
  • Moving forward, what factors will stop healthcare companies (including providers, payers, pharma and health IT) from attaining revenue growth?
Note: Information is self-reported from companies responding to Modern Healthcare's survey; only those that participated were considered for this ranking. Not every firm answered every question.

The top 25 firms appeared in a basic ranked list in Modern Healthcare magazine. If you wish a reprint of the basic ranked list of all 44 firms in the same format, please see the Reprints option below.

View an alphabetical list of companies that participated.
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