ONC roadmap on interoperability being unveiled Oct. 15, DeSalvo says

A first draft of a federal roadmap to interoperability of health IT systems will be released in mid-October, Dr. Karen DeSalvo, head of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, told American Health Information Management Association members Monday.

The ONC-developed roadmap will be unveiled at a joint meeting of the Health Information Technology Policy and Standards committees Oct. 15, she detailed while addressing the opening session of AHIMA's 86th annual convention and exhibition in San Diego.

The convention Tuesday will focus on health data governance. Governance policies need to encompass not only hospital data, but all medical information from all sources, DeSalvo said.

The day's keynote speaker, healthcare IT futurist Dr. Eric Topol, reviewed the latest personal mobile health gadgetry.

While much of healthcare is trying to adopt population health management techniques to meet the challenges of healthcare payment reform, Topol told his audience that healthcare should concentrate instead on health information technology for individual patients that can create real-time, individualized data analytics at the point of care, in the home, or wherever that person may be.

Topol, a cardiologist who directs the Scripps Translational Science Institute in nearby La Jolla, said mobile applications already are available that enable a person to take their own electrocardiogram. Another is under development that can predict a heart attack days or weeks in advance.

“When you can get an e-mail (from a patient) that says, 'I'm in atrial fibrillation; now what do I do?' You know the world has changed,” he said. “Each individual needs to own their own data. We're far from that now.”

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