Accountable Care Organizations: 2014 (Excel - full results)

This Excel spreadsheet includes all data collected from Modern Healthcare's 2014 Accountable Care Organizations Survey. The information is presented in alphabetical order based on company name. The data points in this product are:

  • Organization/sponsoring organization
  • Specific name for ACO
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
  • Website
  • Headquarters
  • Executive in charge (Name, Title)
  • Year ACO formed
  • Is ACO separate legal entity?
  • Ownership type
  • ACO participating in Medicare Pioneer ACO program?
  • ACO participating in MSSP program?
  • ACO signed contracts with private insurers or other entities?
  • Which of the following types are part of the ACO?
    • Hospitals
    • If yes, what hospital(s)?
    • Hospital systems
    • If yes, what hospital system(s)?
    • Physician groups
    • If yes, what group(s)?
  • Total number of physicians participating in ACO
  • Are insurance companies part of the ACO?
  • If yes, name of the insurance companies
  • Total number of covered lives the ACO serves
  • Estimated payer mix of covered lives served
  • Total annual patient base, ACO respresents (%)
  • Annual revenue generated by ACO (%)
  • How is revenue apportioned amonth ACO participants?
  • If other, specify
  • What best describes the ACO:
  • ACO venture description
  • Had to modify ACO because of CMS regulations?
  • If yes, describe
  • in terms of covered lives, what are your future plans?
  • Do the participants in your ACO use an enterprise-wide single EHR system?
  • Is the ACO at risk for downside loss?
  • Are you measuring clinical quality of your ACO by using either EHR data or administrative claims data?
  • Are you using measures of care coordination?
  • If yes, which measures are being utilized (list the five most important)?
  • What was the estimated start-up cost for your ACO?

Click here for our Survey Respondents section to view an alphabetical list of organizations that participated in this survey.

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