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Ignoring evidence about Obamacare and other letters

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: September 28, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

If, as you claim, the debate over Obamacare is ill-informed (Editorial, “Obamacare's positive economic news,” Sept. 23, p. 20), editors like you deserve most of the credit. As opposed to your vague, theoretical, wishful-thinking, pie-in-the-sky analysis of the economic impact of Obamacare, I noticed that both Trader Joe's and Home Depot have dropped health coverage for their part-time employees, referring part-timers to insurance exchanges. This is factual evidence that Obamacare will harm working people's health benefits. Corresponding harm to the U.S. economy seems inevitable. But your piece failed to mention, let alone interpret, the impact of such recent factual evidence.

Daniel Groszkruger
President and CEO,
Solana Beach, Calif.

Who will pay the balance?

Modern Healthcare's recent editorial "Obamacare's positive economic news” is simply amazing. Imagine, healthcare spending will “surge” by 6.1% next year and out-of-pocket costs are “slated” to decline by 1.5%— and nobody will have to pay the balance. Perhaps you should run the economy as treasury secretary. You can extend this logic ad infinitum and we will all quickly have more money than Bill Gates to “spend in other areas of the economy.”

Bruce J. Haber
President, BJH Management
New Rochelle, N.Y.

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