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Healthcare's Hottest No. 24: Infosys Public Services

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: September 28, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

What it does: Infosys Public Services, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Indian firm Infosys, provides business consulting and technology products and services to healthcare and public-sector organizations.

How it grew to become one of healthcare's hottest: Though parent company Infosys has been in existence for more than three decades, Infosys Public Services was founded just four years ago and has already grown its revenue to more than $100 million and nearly doubled its client base to more than 35. President and CEO Eric Paternoster credits some of that growth to the support of the subsidiary's parent.

As part of a larger company that serves a variety of industries through a number of technologies, the subsidiary has an advantage in which consultants can pull relevant best practices from across industries. But the focus has centered on the intersection of healthcare and the public sector.

“What we've been trying to do is look ahead at what's happening in the market space of healthcare, and not just react but actually anticipate some of the trends we see developing,” Paternoster says.

24. Infosys Public Services

Location: Rockville, Md.

Top executive: Eric Paternoster, president and CEO

Number of employees: 2,000

Annual revenue (2012): $110.4 million

Compounded revenue growth (2007-12): 29.4%


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