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Healthcare's Hottest No. 21: Healogics

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: September 28, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

What it does: The company develops specialized, evidence-based techniques to heal a variety of chronic wounds, from diabetic ulcers to surgical wounds and burns.

How it grew to become one of healthcare's hottest: The privately owned company has been dedicated to the niche business of wound care since 1996 and has enjoyed a 35% compounded annual growth rate in the past five years. CEO Jeff Nelson says Healogics has grown its business by bringing its clinical expertise to hospitals that might not have outpatient wound-care centers or that are underperforming in wound care.

“We aim to reduce hospital stays and make sure the patient has been properly cared for before leaving. This reduces risk for hospital partners.”

Healogics has about 600 hospital partnerships nationwide, serving nearly 200,000 patients annually, says Jessica Taft, the firm's director of marketing. Nelson says the company has achieved a number of technological innovations, including an update set to roll out this year to its clinical management system i-Heal. The system helps monitor and measure patient visits, progress of treatment and outcomes.

21. Healogics

Location: Jacksonville, Fla.

Top executive: Jeff Nelson, CEO

Number of employees: 1,085

Annual revenue (2012): $271.5 million

Compounded revenue growth (2007-12): 35%


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