Executive Opinions on Purchasing - Outsourcing: 2013

A Special Feature on executives' opinions regarding purchasing trends affecting the healthcare provider industry. Source: Modern Healthcare's Survey of Executive Opinions on Purchasing. Published September 2, 2013, p. 26.

Presented in aggregate, this analysis of the latest trends affecting provider relationships with their supply vendors and group purchasing organizations is based on executives opinions in response to the 2013 Modern Healthcare Survey of Executive Opinions on Purchasing conducted online from May 6 through August 2.

This newly revamped survey replaced the annual Group Purchasing Organization Survey and the annual Outsourcing Survey. Rather than surveying GPOs and outsourcing contractors themselves, Modern Healthcare surveyed healthcare executives to find insights into the latest thoughts, trends and relationships.

This three-page package includes the following data charts that were published in the September 2 issue of Modern Healthcare:

  • Predicting expenses on outsourcing
    Respondents' projection of total expenses spent on outside contracting in 2013
  • What providers are outsourcing
    The top 10 nonclinical services providers are outsourcing
  • Reasons to outsource services
    Illustrates the top reasons why organizations choose to outsource services
  • Outsourcing plans
    Illustrates providers' plans for nonclinical services
Read the feature story that these charts illustrate: An inside job?

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