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Adult ADHD oversimplified, and other letters

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: July 13, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

Oversimplifying adult ADHD

The July 8 editorial “Ethics of medical enhancement” ignores the possibility that people with mental illness who take psychotropic medications may be somewhat dysfunctional and unproductive without those supports precisely because of that mental disability. While I agree with the author's skepticism about the significant upsurge in diagnoses of ADHD, it is possible that some of this increase has resulted from improved access to mental health resources and the better diagnosis of people with ADHD who might have previously gone undiagnosed. To characterize ADHD diagnoses and accompanying access to needed medications as contributing to “medical enhancement” of performance is to oversimplify a more complex phenomenon.

Richard Hegner
Columbia, Md.

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Need more alternatives

Regarding “The high-deductible trap”, if high-deductible plans are not satisfactory, we need alternatives. Either a low-paid individual has to shoulder the burden of higher monthly premiums or a large deductible at the time of an incident. The healthcare reform law is still confusing to most employers and, frankly, still has a lot of explanations and definitions coming out daily. Clearly the entire health picture was not considered at the time it was passed. Hospitals and physicians are still using business platforms that are 100 years old and continue to protect their position. We need intelligent, flexible and compassionate healthcare professionals to begin to address the inherent problems of our national healthcare issues.

William Bennett

Not too many 'invincibles'

I am a general internist. I have not met a lot of young people who think they are invincible and will never get sick (“Obamacare penalty too small? Read the fine print,”). I have met a lot of young people who are worried about not having insurance but who can't afford the insurance they are offered (which is often expensive and not very good).

Dr. Caroline Poplin
Bethesda, Md.

For the benefit of all

Regarding “New healthcare rights, thanks to DOMA ruling,", I'm very sure this decision will ultimately benefit all of the healthcare community. It will lead to less confusion in the handling of same-sex spouses as next-of-kin in medical decisions. It will provide health insurance for more Americans under employer policies. And it will lead to stronger families with fewer physical and mental health issues.

Michael Christopher
Chief engineer
Tulsa, Okla.

Shouldn't need 'big stick'

Regarding the story “Obamacare penalty too small? Read the fine print", using the term “a big enough stick” tells us the nature of the relationship between an individual and his government as defined by Obamacare. If the law was designed to help that individual, it would not need a big stick to convince him to participate.

Don Benson
Managing partner
Raleigh, N.C.

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