Medicare for all and other letters

Medicare for all

Hospital board members make decisions based on the mission of their organizations, not solely on how to increase the bottom line. Similarly, we can't just let our fellow citizens suffer, expecting the free market to magically take care of the problem of the uninsured and underinsured. The market has not done so; the percentage of uninsured has risen drastically nationwide. The Affordable Care Act will not eliminate the problem, only slow it down. It is up to us to choose what sort of a country we really are, a nation of compassion or a Darwinian society in which the strong ruthlessly trample the weak. If we view ourselves as the moral beacon of the world, then we must take care of the less fortunate here. And that means national health insurance for all, not only those over 65. I have witnessed the fatuous arguments about expanding Medicare, about it being “too expensive.” Countries with single payer have better healthcare outcomes than we do and spend much less per capita. Healthcare should be a right for all Americans, not a privilege. The best way to achieve that goal is Medicare for all.

Jack Bernard, retired healthcare executive
Monticello, Ga.

Representing the majority

Regarding “New healthcare rights, thanks to DOMA ruling,” if the states truly accept the will of their various populations and actually make laws representing the majority of people in their states instead of bench legislation, it will be interesting to say the least about how this will all turn out.

David Davisson,
Danville, Pa.



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