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Changing roles for nurses and other letters

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: June 15, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

Changing roles for nurses

Regarding the story “Mich. doctors wary of bill to expand nurse practitioners' role”, while in a hospital, are nurse practitioners employed by the hospital? Are they independent contractors? Are they credentialed by the hospital? What about liability? Seems to be a waste of legislative time if hospital privileges and working in a physician practice are the only issues. I have seen many registered nurses work as hospitalists and as advanced practitioners in hospitals and physician practices. The only clinical limitation was the registered nurse could not make a medical diagnosis, and in a physician practice, a physician was required to be in close proximity in order for the physician to bill Medicare. When a medical diagnosis is made without a supervising physician, I see the lawyers having a field day. Then you really need to determine if the NP and M.D. are interchangeable.

Robert Starkweather
Louisville, Ky.

Far-flung data

Concerning the story “HHS to develop data-sharing plan for outcomes research”, patient-centered means my values are addressed and respected. No data will be shared with anyone without my express consent. How will that be addressed?

Mary Powell
Associate professor
Ridley Park, Pa.

More questions than answers

“Doctors complain about Vt. plan's regulations” raised more questions than answers. Physicians are asked to see more patients in less time, which can sacrifice quality. It would have been great if the story had touched on how the plan would impact physician pay/workload.

Julianne Levine
Physician liaison

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