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Outliers: Taking aim at hospital food

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: March 2, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

Outliers knows hundreds of hospitals have pledged to make their food healthier, but apparently there's a bit more low-fat sautéing to do on that front. A follow-up to a recent New York Times Magazine story on junk food found some doctors and others taking aim at unhealthy hospital food.

In a blog post about the magazine piece, the reporter wrote that he's been getting calls from doctors telling him about “really deplorable” hospital cafeteria food.

In addition, a few commenters specifically questioned the quality of hospital food, with one person mentioning high sodium and fat levels in food at one unnamed teaching hospital in Boston. Another wondered about the rationale of a hospital offering a bypass patient a burger and fries.

Outliers hopes the burger at least came with lettuce and tomato.

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