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Outliers: Wheel:Life is putting a new spin on social media

By Modern Healthcare
Posted: March 2, 2013 - 12:01 am ET

In the proliferation of social networking sites, there are forums for mothers, doctors, artists, gamers, teenagers, travelers, business executives and more.

But as patients increasingly harness the power of the Internet to research their conditions and find support, Lisa Wells saw an opportunity to bring together people who have another lifestyle in common.

The founder of a new online community called Wheel:Life,

Wells says she started the group after working on social media programs for people with spinal cord injuries and discovered that wheelchair users—regardless of their condition—share similar experiences and have common questions and concerns.

Wheel:Life, which last month launched its new website, offers tools such as health and medical resources, home modification tips, support groups and travel guides. Members can also interact through Facebook and Twitter, and have access to e-newsletters and even an e-book series.

Recent news articles from Wheel:Life have included wheelchair-friendly workout ideas and profiles of notable people in the wheelchair community. The initiative also has a number of corporate sponsors, including Sports 'n Spokes magazine, which is partnering with Wheel:Life on a motivational program called Get Out & Enjoy Life. Other sponsors include AtHome Medical, Cure Medical and Hollister Inc.

Among the items on Wheel:Life's agenda are offering workout ideas and exercise advice for wheelchair users.

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