Seeking Healthcare's Hottest

Forget all the talk about how healthcare has become a no-growth business.

Some firms are thriving despite stringent cost controls. How do they do it? By coming up with exciting new technologies, providing crucial services and expanding market share in their core businesses. These firms and not-for-profits are proving every day that they are the gazelles of the cost-constraint era.

We want our readers to know who these overachievers are. Last year, Modern Healthcare launched a new recognition program: Healthcare's Hottest. We identified the 40 fastest-growing firms and not-for-profits in the industry. We divided the group into four categories: hospitals and hospital systems; physician group practices and other providers; insurers and other payers; and suppliers such as drug or device companies, IT vendors or service providers. Each of these companies in their respective segments proved they could generate rapidly growing sales while the system as a whole delivered higher quality care at lower cost.

This year we are doing it again, culling our databases for U.S.-headquartered firms with at least $20 million in revenue whose sales have grown at the fastest pace over the past five years. But we can't rely solely on our own resources. We need you—the hottest firms—to tell us who you are.

At, you'll find all the information you need to nominate your firm. Though there is no fee to enter, you will need to provide us with total sales for each of the past five years. The finalists will be asked to provide supplemental information that will be evaluated by Modern Healthcare. A sample may be corroborated by an outside accounting firm.

If you are one of the firms running ahead of the pack, please let us know so that we can promote just how hot your growth has been.