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Healthcare's tumultuous year
Each week, the cover of Modern Healthcare acts like a billboard to alert you, and, hopefully, excite you, about what you'll find inside. You'd be surprised how many iterations of each cover there are and how important we take their design and the messages they send. With all of that effort put into each one of them every week, at the end of the year, flipping through our online cover gallery is a visually compelling way to relive the year's major milestones. On the lighter side, every other week, we feature a cartoon from staff graphic artist Eric Semelroth, which we hope helps put the week's major news in context in a less serious manner. Flipping through 2012's cartoons could help take the edge off a tumultuous year and get you in the right frame of mind to go through what we all know will be another adventurous one for the healthcare field.



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