Community Leadership Award: A real community effort

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Community Leadership Award Winner: John Bardis

Community Leadership Honorable Mention: Mary Brainerd

Community Leadership Honorable Mention: Carole Fisher

Community Leadership Honorable Mention: John O'Brien

Community Leadership Honorable Mention: J.R. Thomas
The healthcare system and the dedicated people who work in the field are essential to a vigorous, prosperous and happy community. That's a given. What's also a given is that many of the people who are inspired to work in the field are also driven to improve their communities in activities away from the office.

Oftentimes, those leading such efforts are also the people atop a healthcare organization. Their day jobs are more than demanding, but those positions are often filled with individuals who want to use the skills they've honed running successful companies to help their communities in ways that have no bearing on their bottom line.

That altruistic dynamic inspired Modern Healthcare to create the Community Leadership Award to honor executives who go above and beyond for their communities. We received 99 nominations in the program's first year, and the winner and four honorable mentions were chosen from a list of 10 finalists by a combination of voting by readers and the input of Modern Healthcare's editors. There were three main criteria:
  • Extent of departure from core job responsibilities
  • Voluntary nature of the work individually or through the organization or corporation
  • Demonstrated positive impact of the work

To say we were delighted and inspired by the responses would be an understatement. We want this program not only to honor those who lead these efforts, but also to inspire others to get involved and encourage people to let us know about other healthcare executives leading exemplary community efforts for next year's program.



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