Blog: Agreement on contraception issue may be more elusive now

Did the door to compromise close for Catholic hospitals this week?

Even as the Obama administration attempts a delicate negotiation with Catholic hospitals and other religious-run institutions over the healthcare law's birth control mandate, speech after speech at the Democrats' nominating convention showed little interest in compromising on the issue.

“We ensured life-saving preventive care and the full range of reproductive services are now covered,” said Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) in her primetime convention speech in reference to the inclusion of birth control within preventive services that all insurance policies are required to cover.That requirement touched off a political firestorm earlier this year among Catholic hospitals that supported the healthcare law when the Obama administration provided only a narrow religious exemption that excluded hospitals and universities. The controversy cooled down when the president promised to develop a compromise by next summer with groups that include the Catholic Health Association.

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