Blog: Crunching the numbers on healthcare's most influential

With the recent passing of Jerry Nelson, the voice of Sesame Street's Count von Count, I'm compelled to note that the 2012 edition of Modern Healthcare's 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare list had 18 first-timers, eight 11-timers, 78 men, 22 women and 25 doctors (20 men and five women).

No doctor is on the "perennial" list of eight people who made the list all 11 years of its existence.

In order of their appearance on this year's list, here are the names of the 25 physicians, followed by their titles and the number of times they've appeared on the Most Influential list:

No. 3, Dr. John Kitzhaber, governor of Oregon, (1); No. 17, Dr. John Noseworthy, president and CEO, Mayo Clinic, (2); No. 20, Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General, (3); No. 21, Dr. Delos "Toby" Cosgrove, (6); No. 26, Dr. Atul Gawande, professor, Harvard Medical School, (1); No. 29, Dr. Gary Gottlieb, president and CEO, Partners HealthCare System, (6); No. 32, Dr. Carolyn Clancy, director of HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (10); No. 34, Dr. Farzad Mostashari, national coordinator for health information technology, (2); No. 41, Dr. Gary Kaplan, chairman and CEO, Virginia Mason Medical Center, (4); Dr. Susan Turney, president and CEO, MGMA-ACMPE, (1); No. 46, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (3); No. 50, Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, (7); No. 51, Dr. Mark Chassin, president of the Joint Commission, (5); No. 53, Dr. Glenn Steele Jr., president and CEO, Geisinger Health System, (4); No. 58, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, (3): No. 60, Dr. Francis Collins, director, National Institutes of Health, (3); No. 63, Dr. Harvey Fineberg, president, Institute of Medicine, (4); No. 64, Dr. Eric Topol, chief academic officer, Scripps Health, (2); No. 68, Dr. Bruce Siegel, president and CEO, National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, (2); No. 75, Dr. Ralph de la Torre, chairman and CEO, Steward Health Care System, (1); No. 80, Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director, American Public Health Association, (6); No. 85, Dr. James Madara, executive vice president and CEO, American Medical Association, (1); No. 88, Dr. Richard Gilfillan, acting director, CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, (2); No. 94, Dr. Darrell Kirch, president and CEO, Association of American Medical Colleges, (5); and No. 97, Dr. Charles Sorenson, president and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare, (2).

Congratulations one and all. Was there an influential physician you thought should have been on the 2012 list? Let me know at Follow Andis Robeznieks on Twitter: @MHARobeznieks.



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