Blog: Hurricane, GOP may both convene in Tampa

Four years ago, it was Gustav. Last year, it was Irene. This year, it’s Hurricane Isaac, which the Weather Channel reports is heading for the Caribbean and then the U.S.—just in time for the Republican National Convention that starts Monday in Tampa Bay, Fla.

The tropical storm is cause for concern, but not enough for James Davis, the Republican National Convention’s director of communications, to say if the RNC would shut down the four-day event. In a brief phone conversation today, Davis stayed on message.

“We’re working closely with our partners with our federal, state and local levels, and we have contingency plans in place,” Davis said. “And we’re monitoring the storm. The state of Florida has a good emergency protocol,” he added. “We’ll have more information as we need it. We’re going to do the business of nominating Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan; that’s the main business of our convention.”

Meanwhile, the RNC yesterday announced additional keynote speakers for next week, including someone who is all too familiar with hurricane season: 1997 Modern Healthcare Up-and-Comer and current Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.). Jindal is scheduled to speak Tuesday, Aug. 28.

Here’s where you insert your joke about too much hot air coming together in one place.

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