Questions and answers on contraception, prevention

If anything is clear about the contraception issue that erupted in the past month, it's that the matter is far from over—even though the preventive services rule from HHS is final.

This week, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation released a useful Q&A fact sheet about the federal government's contraceptive coverage policy and what it means for religious organizations:

It's worth noting that the fact sheet was written in part by Alina Salganicoff, vice president and director of women's health policy at Kaiser and also a member of the Institute of Medicine committee that sent recommendations on preventive services to HHS last summer. At that time, Salganicoff told Modern Healthcare that while the IOM's recommendations on family planning services generated a lot of attention, there were other suggestions—such as those regarding gestational diabetes screening and services to support breast feeding—that could keep millions of women in America healthy.



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