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The Purple Bus

The Purple Bus is a symbol of spirit;
From which compassion and hope resound;
From the moment you walk into the door;
Its presence looms abound.

The spirit is characterized by the 3 Fs;
Family, friendly and fun.
It is only felt in an organization;
Where the Purple Bus is run.

The driver must have clear vision
And be accountable for the ride;
They must drive with consistency and purpose
And not back down when they are tried.

Those with joyfulness of spirit
Can get a bonus mile reward;
But a smile is the final ticket
For a passenger to get aboard.

Sometimes the road gets bumpy
And the bus may begin to weave;
The only way to resume your course
May be to kindly ask someone to leave.

Caring about the whole team
From our leadership we can thank;
The fumes waft throughout the halls
Filling up the tank.

I have worked in many organizations
Most have been colored with trepidation;
Going purple is how I want to travel
On my career destination.



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