Post-Acute Care Survey

About the Survey


This survey is conducted to create three different By the Numbers lists: Largest post-acute companies; Largest skilled-nursing companies; and, Largest rehabilitation providers. The survey is intended for U.S. companies whose primary business is long-term or post-acute care, and that own or operate two or more service locations. This survey was first published in 1999.

Most Recent Survey Results: Post-acute care providers, 2017, Post-acute care providers, 2016, Post-acute care providers, 2015

View past survey results:
Largest rehabilitation providers, 2015; Largest skilled-nursing companies, 2015; Largest post-acute care companies: 2014; Largest rehabilitation providers: 2014; Largest post-acute care companies: 2013; Largest rehabilitation providers: 2013; Largest post-acute care companies: 2012; Largest rehabilitation providers: 2012; Largest skilled-nursing companies: 2012

View past survey respondents: 2017; 2016; 2015; 2014; 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can my company participate?
A: To participate, fill out the survey form on behalf of your company and turn it in before the stated deadline. The survey form will be available here once it is open for participation. You may add your information to our notification database so that you can receive an e-mail link to the survey once it is open for participation.


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