Webinar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Healthcare Webinars

I registered for a Modern Healthcare webinar, but lost/never received my invitation to join. How do I join the webinar?

First, check your spam or junk mail for the confirmation email. If you know the Webinar ID, you can visit, at the event time, enter the Webinar ID and the email address you used to register for the event, and click the "Continue" button. If you don't have the Webinar ID - contact Anna Stephens via email or by calling 312.649.5499 to obtain. You can also re-register for the webinar with another email.

I'm having trouble hearing the audio. Who can help me with technical questions?

You can also review the GoToWebinar Attendee Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for answers to questions related to their webinar tools.

You can also contact GoToWebinar technical support at 800.263.6317.

I registered, and am trying to login, but am having trouble. What do I do?

First, confirm with your IT department that your network will allow a GoTOWebinar 9Citrix plug-in. It's possible the issue is with your Network. You can also call GoToWebinar's technical support at 800.263.6317. If you cannot view the live webinar presentation, you can still download the slides and follow along with the presentation through the audio option. To access the audio option, call the phone number in your GoToWebinar registration confirmation.

How can I see a re-broadcast on an older webinar, or get the slides?

Modern Healthcare makes most webinars available on-demand. A recording will be posted 48 hours after the broadcast and found at: If slides were made available, visit and clicking on the information page related to the webinar you are interested in. Some of the webinars also post slides on the Modern Healthcare Slideshare page.

How do I download the slides?

For slides posted to the site as PDFs, to download the slides to your computer, right-click (PC) or CTRL-click (Mac) the slides link and choose "Save Target As…" (PC) or "Save Link as…" (Mac). For slides posted to Modern Healthcare's Slideshare page, follow the instructions on Slideshare.

How do I watch archived recordings of webinars?

Modern Healthcare offers archived recordings of our webcasts on its web site and through GoToWebinar.

Webinars archived on use Flash streaming technology.

The GoToWebinar archived recordings require Windows Media Player.

You can download the Windows Media Player from the Microsoft web site.

If you're on a Mac, you'll need to download Windows Media Player for the Mac.

Who do I call for non-technical questions?

Non-technical questions can be directed to Anna Stephens at or 312.649.5499.

You can also review the GoToWebinar Attendee Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for answers to questions related to their webinar tools.