Picking a winner: How Modern Physician chose Singer for its new award

We’ll try anything once. But after administering Modern Physician’s first Physician Entrepreneur of the Year recognition program, we’re confident we’ll be back for years to come as the program gets even bigger and better.

First, Modern Physician would like to congratulate Adam Singer, M.D., as our inaugural recipient of the Physician Entrepreneur of the Year award. Singer is founder, chairman, chief executive officer and chief medical officer of IPC-The Hospitalist Co ., a now publicly traded hospitalist staffing firm based in North Hollywood, Calif. You can read all about Singer in this issue’s Top Story written by frequent Modern Physician contributor Barbara Kirchheimer. You also can listen to an exclusive podcast interview with Singer and view a photo slideshow of him and his work.

An editorial review board consisting of Modern Physician senior editors chose Singer out of a pool of 28 outstanding nominees for the award. To be eligible, nominees had to meet three criteria. They had to be a M.D. or D.O.; they had to own in whole or in part a current business serving the healthcare industry or lead or manage a current business serving the healthcare industry; and they had to demonstrate the financial or market success of that business.

Modern Physician retained the services of accounting firm Grant Thornton, which reviewed the financial documents submitted by the nominees. Grant Thornton’s review, which did not constitute a full audit, uncovered no irregularities. We thank the firm for its review and assistance. The editorial review board was solely responsible for making the final determination of the award recipient.

Modern Physician announced the new award program on July 14 and issued a call for nominations. Modern Physician, along with sister publication Modern Healthcare, solicited nominations through the Aug. 25 submission deadline. A total of 28 complete submissions were received. Modern Physician notified Singer of his selection on Sept. 5; nonrecipients received no notification.

The 27 other nominees automatically will be eligible for the 2009 Physician Entrepreneur of the Year award unless they expressly withdraw their nomination. We encourage our readers to participate in next year’s program, which will be announced in June.

We welcome your feedback on this year’s program and on how we can improve future programs. Drop us a line at Thank you.

David Burda
Modern Physician